Our History

Cam Sight began life as the Cambridge Society for the Blind in 1912 and has served Cambridgeshire for over one hundred years. It was originally very much an informal venture, which grew dramatically and took on a life of its own. Cam Sight’s history tells us a great deal about the care of blind and partially sighted people over the last hundred years, but it is also a story about visually impaired people themselves. Indeed the idea for the organisation came from a blind person.



Our Story:

The Origins of Cam Sight

Cam Sight Between the Wars

Cam Sight since 1945

Cam Sight Today

The Future of Cam Sight



This history was researched and written by a team of History students and staff at Anglia Ruskin University to commemorate Cam Sight’s Centenary in 2012 

The Cam Sight History Team was made up of: Josephine Bailey, Samuel Berrie, Piotr Czosynka, Robert Earl, Rohan McWilliam,Neer Mehta, Shaun Tobin, Warren Wilson and Chris Worthy