Equipment and Technology

Our Low Vision Centres in Cambridge and Chatteris display a wide range of equipment. Our specialist team can demonstrate items and discuss what equipment could be useful for you.

Items include:

Big Button Phone
Easy-to-see large buttons. Hands free option enables you to make and receive calls using the loud speaker. Memory buttons to store your favourite 10 numbers. Speech amplification included.
Talking Clock
The Communiclock speaks in a natural male English voice, with adjustable volume control. A single, short press of the button announces the time and a longer press announces the time, date and day.
Liquid Level Indicator
This helpful device sits on the side of your cup to indicate when it is full. It produces a series of audible beeps or vibrations when the water reaches its sensors. Available in yellow (beep and vibrating) or blue (audible beep only).
Easy-to-See Watch
The watch has a clear white analogue face with black numbers and hands, available with leather strap in black or self-grip strap. Radio controlled, digital and solar powered talking watches are also available.
Table Standing Lamp
The multi-angle lamp comes with a removable 1.75x magnifier and an easy-twist shade. Its flexible long arm makes it ideal for home or work and is perfect for reading. 18w daylight simulation bulb. Also available as a floor standing lamp.
The rectangular lens measures 7.5cm x 5cm and has a light which emits a daylight light. Ideal for reading newspapers, menus and text books. Magnifiers come in all shapes, sizes and strengths to suit your needs. Electronic magnifiers are also available to try.

This is a small example of the wide range of products available through our Centres.

If you are unable to come and see us we are happy to help you order by telephone.

Lynn showing equipment


01223 420033 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm)


07535 634234 (Monday and Tuesday, 9.30am – 3.30pm)

You can also make an enquiry by contacting us.


Technology makes a positive difference in every area of life – employment; education, communication and managing information.

Cam Sight demonstrates:

•    iPhones and iPadsJerry using ipad
•    Magnification and screen reading software
•    High contrast keyboards
•    Electronic readers
•    Kindles
•    Labeling devices


  • Alan, 40 is blind. He reads his own bank statements for the first time without relying on a friend.
  • Claire, 65 is blind. She e-mails her brother in Australia and no longer relies on expensive phone calls.

We provide high quality advice, training and assessment on all aspects of technology. Please get in touch on 01223 420 033 or email us if you would like to know more.


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Our stories
Our stories
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