Cam Sight’s Technology Trainer Jerry Gilbert, helps people of all ages living with blindness and low vision to use smartphones, tablets and other forms of technology to make sure everyone can navigate everyday life.


Reconnect Appeal

It costs Cam Sight £46,000 to run our Technology Service and Information Hub each year. We hope to raise £11,500 towards the running cost of these services through our Reconnect Appeal. 

Please Donate today to help people living with sightloss reconnect.

Your donation will support our:
• Technology Training
• Try Before You Buy scheme
• Inspiring Podcasts
• Information Hub

If you would like technology training or support please email Jerry or phone 01223 420033

Jerry wearing a pair of OrCam glasses


"It all felt like a very uncertain world for my son"

Theo is 13 and was born blind. Theo has been supported by Cam Sight’s Technology Trainer Jerry Gilbert since he was four years old.

Theo’s mother says “Jerry opened up the world of technology to my son. Theo was so thrilled to be learning from someone who really did know how to do these things and who could answer every single question because Jerry was doing it for real...just like Theo.  There are very few people in the country who could have opened the doors that Jerry did for Theo, the work he does and the generosity with which he does it are incredible.”

                                                                                                                                Side view of Theo using his Braille display laptop                                                               


Using Technology to reduce social isolation

40% of people living with low vision and blindness in Cambridgeshire feel moderately or completely cut off.

Recent restrictions have exacerbated these problems increasing people’s social isolation. We know technology can help people overcome these challenges and our reconnect campaign will provide the support they need to allow them to use technology to keep in touch with friends, family and the wider community. Please support our Reconnect Appeal. Thank you.