Our service team at CamSight are visiting Addenbrookes on the following days, and will be based in the Clinic 14 between, 10am to 12pm.

Running continually on the second Thursday of every month, all remaining dates for the year are listed below:

·      11th July,

·      8th August,

·      12th September,

·      10th October, 

·      14th November, 

·      12th December. 

Come and speak to a member of the team if you’re at the clinic on that day. 

Our services team run can discuss new VI technologies for example, information about your benefits, or have a general chat about how you’re doing.

Remember if you need to make a specific enquiry you can always do this on our online referral form which will go directly to our services team.  

If you need any assistance, please telephone: 01223 420033.

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