We're thrilled to be shortlisted for the Cash for the Community award and we need your help please. 

Collect tokens in the Cambridge News and hand them in to any of the Cambridge Building Society branches or Cam Sight until Friday 17 August. The more tokens we collect, the greater the cash prize we will receive. 

What the money will go towards:

We would use the funding to provide opportunities for people with low vision and blindness in Cambridgeshire to take part in regular outdoor physical exercise to improve health, fitness, and balance. We will recruit and train volunteers to guide local people in long-distance walking, running, swimming, and tandem cycling. This activity programme will encourage familiarity and confidence with getting out and about and navigating the countryside. Not only will our participants gain increased health and physical fitness from walking, running, and tandem cycling but they will also grow in confidence and self-esteem from the range of skills they gain; the sense of achievement from guided sport; and the social interaction with volunteers and other visually impaired cyclists.

Thank you for your support!