Losing your sight can be emotionally devastating. Our Emotional Support service provides free specialist support for people living with low vision and blindness. Through flexible, six week long individual sessions our counsellors help clients work through the sense of bereavement that can follow sight loss and set them onto a path for emotional and mental recovery. Clients also have the opportunity to attend group sessions, where peers are brought together to collectively work through their sight loss. Group members find they are able to support one another and share experiences and feelings about losing their sight.

We need your help in extending this service. Our two counsellors collectively only work two days a week - and demand is growing beyond their ability to help. The number of adults losing their sight is increasing. Young people accessing our peer support groups have also requested the service is offered to under-18s. Our counsellors have the qualification, experience, and desire to do this - but not the time. By donating or fundraising for this appeal, you will enable us to offer emotional support to ever more people, from as young as 10 to as old as 100!