Please help us be there for people living with low vision and blindness through this crisis. Cam Sight has been forced to suspend our home visits, groups, activities, one-one volunteer befriending. 

We immediately reacted and have changed the way we work.

What Cam Sight is doing:

  • We are carrying out a ring-a-round service to continue supporting people in their own homes. With empathy, concern and warmth each client is being contacted via the phone to provide support at this critical time, to help people before they reach crisis point. 

  • We are offering information and advice by telephone, email or via our website. We are also sharing information and advice through our website and social media. 

  • We can assist with the purchase of equipment and also provide information. There are many pieces of equipment available to help including talking clocks and watches, lighting, large and tactile playing cards, large button phones.

  • We can provide IT advice and support for a range of technologies including PCs, smart phones, tablets, home hubs.

We’re determined to be there for those who need our help and especially those who have no one else to turn to, but we desperately need your support.

This new way of working is more time intensive and the IT costs incurred to support our staff are great. Our regular income streams have come to an abrupt halt and we are asking you for help to support the running of Cam Sight.

The demand for our vital service is increasing rapidly. We would be so grateful if you could help us be there for those who desperately need us during this crisis. Thank you.


"It feels odd for me to ask this, as I’m used to being the good old bloke helping others.  At the present time I feel I would benefit from the sociable aspect that would be received from some telephone befriending.  Here’s why:

Due to the virus I find myself in sudden unplanned isolation.  I’ll be OK with this for a little while, to me it feels like a sudden heavy snowfall, where no one can move around.  And I appreciate it may take a little while to sort out a member of staff or volunteer to arrange some regular phone calls to me. 

Am I old and vulnerable?  Well, I reckon age is no factor in this and I am now 60. I’ve become more visually impaired in recent years but I think I fool people by appearing independent and avoiding looking helpless and needy.  Maybe that has caught up with me?

As and when you can spare someone, I like the idea of speaking to someone who doesn’t already know me.  A good way to make a new friend?  But also, good to catch up with an old acquaintance if you find that is who you have available.  I look forward to hearing from you in due course."

[An email Cam Sight received from a client]