Join us for a trip to Wicken Fen, and enjoy a wonderful boat trip and guided tour and talk of the fenlands, from the view of the river boat.
With funds supported by Babylon Arts project, which took place over the Autumn and Winter. We are now able to venture along the river during the summer months, and on 11th July from 6:30-7:30pm have enough spaces for 10 CamSight service users.
This is an opportunity for our clients to enjoy the surroundings of the Wicken Fen National Trust via boat, on a summer's evening, where drinks and snacks are available before and after. 
We hope you will enjoy this special tour, and please contact Alex Innes, for more information and booking details you can contact us by clicking on the following email link: [email protected] or Tel: 01223 423300.
Image Description: A close up of the very front of the inside a grey boat from the perspective of sitting in the boat. There is a river ahead and high reeds either side of the boat.