Julian says:

"CamSight is a cornerstone of the blind and low vision community in Cambridgeshire. They support so many to live happy and independent lives and I've seen the positive impact that has on people through their community groups and tandem cycling scheme - there are always smiles and laughter. CamSight is also there for clients in crisis and truly difficult times, providing hope and help to those experiencing gradual or sudden sight loss. When I was volunteering as a guide for CamSight it really struck me how life changing and how much despair people can feel around loosing their eyesight, but the work of CamSight and all it's kind volunteers has a huge positive effect in those though times. That's why I'm taking on this challenge in support of CamSight and really hope you can support us too!"

Jack says:

"Most of us can appreciate the difficulties of having poor eyesight, we all know someone who has glasses or contact lenses. Very few of us can understand the impact low sight or blindness. Its difficult to truly imagine losing one of your key senses. I am a wearer of glasses, with a fairly strong prescription. Without glasses, I wouldn’t be able to read, drive, or use a laptop. Even with impaired vision, I feel very fortunate that my eye-sight can be corrected. For some people, this is not the case. There are over two million people in the UK that have suffered sight loss and nearly 8,000 of those live in Cambridgeshire. Each year, CamSight can reach out and help 1900 of these people. But they want to do more! With your support, we can help fund further programmes, providing the support some people desperately need." Julian Philpott