I have been teaching Braille to visually impaired people and sighted people since 1988. It has been a most rewarding job and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Now it is time for me to think about the future and find others who will take over from me.

I would like to offer a course of 30 lessons in learning braille to as many people as possible so that there is a pool of potential teachers to meet the needs of Cam Sight's clients in the years to come.

This may be done in many ways to suit your needs. I can take a weekly class at Cam Sight; I can visit you in your home or I can teach you by correspondence.

Over the years I have helped over 150 people to learn Braille. My prize pupil was a retired teacher aged 90 when she started. After three months I was dismissed - “Thank you, Alice, I think I can manage now”. She was still reading aged 100!

Perhaps my most rewarding client was the mother of a blind child. She wanted to teach her young daughter Braille so that she would grow up to be as independent as possible.

You can see what a worthwhile job it is. If you might be interested try a 'taster' contact me on 01223 357395 or [email protected]

I offer my services free. The only charge is £10 to cover the cost of the Braille Primer (devised by Louis Braille himself). You will have free use of a Perkins Brailler whilst doing the course. I look forward to hearing from you.

Alice Zeitlyn