Next session Friday 24th May, for Visually Impaired Rowing!


Sessions will be held at Peterborough City Rowing Club funded by Love Rowing


To book email [email protected] or telephone 01223 420033.


Mary Leitch, one of CamSight's service users, had the best experience when she tried out last year and encourages VI individuals to give it a go….


"Being visually impaired, I always have something to lean upon, like a reminder of what I am loosing. Be it my long canes, my adaptive equipment, using passenger assistance and needing to rely on strangers to point me in the right direction for the shops or the correct bus stops.


"Today, being on the water, alone in the rowing boat with the oars in hand, is totally exhilarating, free and exciting. The lack of sight is not an obstacle to taking part in a sport l thought l would never get the opportunity to try.


"I am completely uncoordinated and gave the buoyancy a thorough test on more than one occasion!


"I would like to say thank you to the sponsors and CamSight, who have made this opportunity possible and Peterborough Rowing Club. Kate Lindgren is an inspiration and the whole team of volunteers are very patient with each one of us.


"One day l will get the rhythm and then master my left from my right once again thank you to your team and the Fact Transport Organisation for another brilliant day."



Image Description: Four individuals stand and look at the camera smiling, one gentleman on the left then three ladies. The central lady is holding a white cane and they are standing by a river bank. 

Booking for this event has now closed.