A Standing Order allows you to donate a small amount every month and make a lasting commitment to transforming the lives of blind and visually impaired children and adults across Cambridgeshire.

If you would like to set up a Standing Order, please contact our Accounts Office or download this form and take it to your bank.

Standing Order form


£10 funds a monthly tandem bike ride for a young person with a family member

Photo: young person on the back of a tandem bike out on a ride


£20 pays for weekly phone calls to isolated older people to check on their wellbeing

Photo: senior man talking on a large button telephone at home


£30 helps a young child access a virtual pre-school group

Photo: a screenshot of a zoom preschool group 


£50 10 people donting £50 pays for a virtaul emotioinal support group for 10 people 

Photo: a senior lady on an ipad joining a support group