Traveleyes provide a safe, comfortable and fun way for any blind or sighted person to travel solo. Group sizes are normally between 14 and 20 people with an emphasis on sensory experiences.
Contact 0113 8346094


Seable Holidays

Seable holidays organise tailored individual holidays abroad for blind and visually impaired people and for wheelchair users.  These are available for individuals that like to travel alone, couples, families or groups of friends.
Contact 0207 7494866



VICTA organises activities for children and young people who are blind or partially sighted and their families.  These activities include family days, UK youth weekends and international trips.
Contact 01908 240831 or email


Airport Travel Assistance

Heathrow Airport Assistance Sunflower Lanyards
If you are travelling through Heathrow and require a Sunflower Lanyard, email: and provide a forwarding address.


Gatwick Airport Assistance Sunflower Lanyards
To pick up a Sunflower Lanyard at Gatwick, please go to one of their Assistance Reception areas. 


Stansted Airport Awareness Sunflower Lanyard or floret
To pick up a Sunflower Lanyard or floret at London Stansted Airport, Please go to the Information Desk located in the International Arrivals.


Assistance dog travel guide

Guide dogs