Emergency Appeal: Please donate here


Thanks to our amazing supporters, your generosity has helped us through the initial impact of the crisis, but more donations are needed to keep us going longer term.


We have been working throughout the crisis to maintain regular contact with children and families. The strain and pressure on families is immense - we have never felt more worried about their wellbeing. Our Family Workers Paula and Barbara are in constant contact to see how everyone is coping. They run four Zoom groups a week to provide support and advice, and share time together.


Many blind and partially sighted people have been stuck at home for weeks now and are frightened and lonely. We are particularly concerned about those who are on their own, without the support of family, friends and neighbours, and finding it difficult to cope.


We are still here to help! To date we have made 4,050 phone calls to check on the wellbeing of children, adults and families living with the challenges of low vision and blindness. We continue to provide vital information, advice and help during this difficult time.


Together we can be there for all blind and partially sighted people in our local communities.


Thank you.


Quotes noted from our phone calls:


“If it wasn’t for Cam Sight I don’t know what I would do.”

 “God bless you all for your terrific help.  I can’t tell you what it’s done to my moral, thank you very much darlings from all my heart”

 “We are so amazed and grateful for with all the work and support that Cam Sight does for us and the community.

“Thank you for looking after my mum, we are both so very grateful.”