Following the success of Clip n' Climb's recent sessions for Visually Impaired climbers, they have added this to their schedule of sessions for the summer term.

Sessions are open to climbers of all ages from four years plus, as well as their siblings.

The following sessions are at 6pm:

  • Wednesday 5th June
  • Wednesday 3rd July

If you would like to visit the centre to assess whether it’s an activity that is right for you, or whether you need extra assistance when you’re here, please contact us on 01223 941 700 or email us to arrange a time.

Click here to book your sessions on Clip n' Climb's website 

Image description: Purple background with lime green writing, the text reads clip 'n climb and in small letters Cambridge. The text is set on an angle and the letters join together to look like they are merging or 'climbing' from one to the next.