Cambridge Job Centre Plus

Henry Giles House, 73-79 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, CB4 3BQ
Contact 0845 604 3719


Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureau

66 Devonshire Road, Cambridge, CB1 2BL
Contact 0344 848 7979 or [email protected]


Citizens Advice Rural Cambs

Contact 0344 2451292 

Adult Sensory Services 

Sensory Services works with adults, and some children, who are deaf-blind, deaf, hard of hearing, registered blind, partially sighted or experiencing visual loss to help them stay as independent as possible. 
Contact 0345 045 5202 or [email protected]


Children Sensory Services

Sensory Services' Visual Impairment team support children who have a medically diagnosed visual impairment, which cannot be corrected by wearing glasses, to receive specialist help with their education and learning.
Contact 01480 373434 or [email protected]  



Offers practical help, advice and tips on finance, employment and benefits to support blind and partially sighted people to remain independent.
Contact 0303 1239999 or [email protected]