This week is National Eye Health week (running from 18 to 24 September) and we want to share a wonderful story of Alex Sutch, 12 years old, from Ely and who attends Ely College. 

September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and Alex's journey has been one of strength and bravery from the first moment he developed cancer. 

His recent kind donation to us shows what a wonderfully kind boy he is growing up to be, and we can't thank him and his family enough for his thoughtful donation.

Alex, donated £100 from selling part of his model train collection, to 'give something back' to our services team, who helped him when he became visually impaired at just six months old. 

He wrote to Cam Sight to thank us for all we've done to support him and his family when he became severely sight impaired following cancer treatment.


Dear Cam Sight,


After you have done so much for myself and my family, I want to give back something to you to say, “thank you”.

I am 12 years old and at the age of just six months, I was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer called bilateral retinoblastoma. I had several years of treatment but have now beaten the cancer. As a side effect, I am now visually impaired.

Cam Sight have done a lot for me and my family. When I was a toddler, I went to the Cam Sight playgroup every fortnight, where we met other visually impaired children. When I was older, I enjoyed going to the audio described pantomime performances, including a touch tour where I could explore (and of course, touch!) the props and equipment used in the panto. Last year, I went to Clip and Climb in Cambridge, and it was really fun – especially the “Stairway to Heaven” and the drop slide!

In 2019, I got my first model train, and my collection has expanded since then. I’ve always loved trains and I really enjoy playing with my model trains to relax after school.

Recently, I decided to sell some of my collection to raise money to buy new ones. I got £200 from selling some of my models, so I decided to donate half of it to you, to say thank you for everything you have done. I hope this will help many people and will also help you to run more events.

Yours truly,

Alexander Sutch (aged 12, Ely)


Talking to Alex’s mother about their experience, Christina Rozeik, she said: “As it is very rare for young children to develop visual impairments, you can feel extremely isolated when facing such a life-changing diagnosis.


“Not only did we have Alex’s cancer treatment to tackle, but we also had the severe side effect of his visual impairment, losing all central vision due to tumours growing at the back of his eyes.


“We found Cam Sight at just the right time. They supported us as a family through their community services, and most importantly the toddler groups. This gave us the opportunity to meet other families with children living with a visual impairment.


“Through talking to other parents, I didn't just get emotional support, but also tips on how to assist Alex with daily activities. The whole support group was invaluable. And for Alex, it meant he was able to play with other children in a similar situation."


Alex continues to take part in events organised by Cam Sight, his mum added; “He absolutely loved the trip last year to Cambridge Clip 'n Climb and particularly the drop slide!”


Karen Olden, Cam Sight’s Corporate and Community Fundraiser, said, “Alex’s kind donation is extremely generous, and in turn shows how much we as a charity mean to him and his family.


“It’s incredible to hear how we have helped him over the years, from when he was toddling around in one of our groups to now tackling drop slides! His confidence shines through."

(Image below shows Alex smiling at the camera with one of his trains from his collection)

A boy stands facing the camera, he is wearing a bright yellow hoodie jumper and a big smile on his face. the boy is called Alex and he has a model train in one hand and a thumbs up in his other hand.

(Image below shows Alex at a toddler group. He is wearing a blue cardigan and making a rocket out of a paper plate which he painted red and green)

Alex at a toddler group when he was younger. making crafts out of paper plates.

 (Image below shows Alex at Clip 'n' Climb he is hanging from a swing harness, he is wearing a boiler suit and hard hat.) 

Alex is pictured at the Clip n Climb, hanging from a harness going down a big slide! He has a boilder suit on and a hard hat!

(Image below shows Alex sat with his mum on the sofa, they smile at the camera. Alex wears his Ely College T shirt, and his mum is wearing a blue and white patterned top. ) 

Alex sits on the sofa with his mum Christina. They both smile at the camera.