We are asking people to become stamp collectors and donate them to Cam Sight.  

A team of Cam Sight volunteers led by John Grefe sort, trim and bag the stamps to be sold at online stamp fairs and auctions or by weight for every kilogram of donated stamps.

Saving stamps is an easy way to support Cam Sight at home, work or in your local community and is a brilliant way to raise money for the charity.  Our skilled and knowledgeable group of volunteers identify unusual or valuable individual stamps and sets to sell directly to collectors ensuring we raise their maximum worth for the charity.

John and his team of dedicated volunteers have been collecting stamps since 2004 and have raised £24,000. Lockdown has not deterred them raising over £2,000 this year alone.

Mike Jenkins, Cam Sight CEO says: “During these challenging times a number of our normal fundraising activities have not been able to go ahead.  John and his team of volunteers do amazing work turning your stamps into valuable donations.  Please get in touch if you have a collection of stamps or coins gathering dust in a cupboard that you would like to donate to Cam Sight.”

Anyone collecting stamps for donation needs to ensure they have about a centimetre of envelope paper around them and the perforations should not be damaged. 

100% of funds raised from the sale of stamps goes directly to Cam Sight. 

Thank you!