Free Will Writing Service

Cam Sight is offering a free Will writing service with our partners Buckles Solicitors LLP. All we ask is that you leave a percentage of your Will to the charity and Buckles will be there to help guide you through the process.

If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch with Nick Burr via [email protected] or 01223 420033


Gifts in Wills - thanking, celebrating and remembering

Cam Sight is immensely grateful to recently receive a legacy of £8,500 from Norman Beadle a former volunteer, and a legacy of £14,285 from a client Helen Thacker.

We are so touched to receive these Gifts in Wills and would like to say how thankful we are and celebrate the lives of Norman and Helen, who are remembered fondly by Cam Sight staff.  


Norman Beadle

Norman started volunteering for Cam Sight in 2003. Norman performed several volunteering roles including telephone receptionist on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, picking up our collection boxes from various shops on his Vespa and proofreading our newsletter. 

If we lacked stationery, Norman would buy it for us. He was a stickler for making sure we had what we needed, when we needed it - he ran a tight ship on the reception desk!  

Norman spoke several languages and travelled extensively throughout France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. He always bought staff back little souvenirs. Some staff travelled in his footsteps on hearing about the wonderful places and restaurants he visited.

He was a gentleman. We will always remember his waistcoats, cravats and Norman fondly.

Joy Hallifax
Volunteer Manager



Helen Thacker

Helen was an extremely determined person. This was very much demonstrated when she approached Cam Sight to see if she could improve her IT skills.  I think she was 94 at the time and the truth is that she found the whole computer and IT world very difficult.  Nevertheless she set the goals of being able to manage her e-mail and busy appointment diary. With a few lessons from myself and her own absolute will power and dignity, she did achieve this. 

She would occasionally contact me to ask how to complete a task that she was struggling with.  More often than not after a few pointers she would get there. Every time she managed to overcome an IT difficulty, she would call me to let me know and to thank me for the assistance.

The world is a poorer place after the loss of Helen.

Jerry Gilbert
Technology Trainer


Gifts in Wills provide a vital part of our income. Cam Sight has been providing services since 1912. To this day, it remains an independent charity, run by local people for local people. Norman and Helen’s gifts mean we can continue to offer emotional and practical support to blind and partially-sighted people of all ages in these uncertain and worrying times.  We are indebted to you both. Thank you.