In this blog, Lynn shares her story of participating in Cam Sight's tandem cycling team in the annual London to Cambridge bike ride. 


While lying in my hospital bed in July 2016, I told my friends that I was going to take part in the London to Cambridge bike ride during the following summer. This was an important goal for me to work towards after several years of poor health and the feeling that I wanted to put something back into my community after receiving an organ donation from a stranger.

On the day of the bike ride the weather was perfect – warm with a slight breeze. Standing by Midsummer Common in Cambridge at 6:45 in the morning on 2 July, I realise this was the start of an extraordinary day.

By 8.15am I was in North London at the start line, wearing my purple Cam Sight bike ride T-shirt, and accompanied by my pilot Sean Rock, a dedicated trustee of the charity.

The first couple of miles were a bit scary with London traffic around us, but we soon cycled up the first of many hills, taking us out into the Essex countryside. There are five official stops on the way where you could get food water and any mechanical assistance required. Our first stop was at Roydon. We had a quick break for water and a snack and then we were off again. I was feeling full of energy and optimism as we headed off for the next stretch.

As well as relaying instructions to me, my pilot Sean also had so much knowledge about crops, trees and types of birds we encountered on our route. Skylarks high above us reminded us that this was a good British summer!

One of the things that kept me going during this challenging event was the promise that there was a place somewhere near Saffron Walden where there were going to be many cakes. Happily we reached Arkston and indeed there were still many cakes to choose from, as well as burgers and hot dogs. Time for a serious refuelling lunch I felt! We were now well over half way home.

Whittlesford was the last official stop and then came the hard part. My head knew that I was close to home but the miles dragged more than on any other stretch. Approaching Cambridge, the speed of the traffic is so much faster and it was all rather stressful. However entering the city boundary reassured me that I was going to make it to the finish line. Applause greeted us as we entered Midsummer Common and hit the finish line and I was proud to receive my certificate for completing the 60 mile bike ride.

Think about doing it yourself next year; you will get great sense achievement and raise some money for a great cause!