Kate Lindgen has been rowing with Peterborough City Rowing Club for seven years.

In this interview she talks about the sense of freedom and independence she gets from being on the water.


Kate, along with her coach Pete Forrest and support from the club, have been instrumental in helping to change VI accessibility, and now partner with British Rowing’s charitable foundation Love Rowing, who fund CamSight’s VI rowing sessions once a month. 


In the video we see her out on a rowing boat with coach Pete, in a two man rowing boat. Then the pair sit alongside the boarding pontoon as she talks to the camera about her experiences over the past seven years.

The weather is overcast and there are other boats on the lake.

To view the interview click the link below: 


If you would like to join CamSight's rowing session the team meet on the last Friday of every month. For more information email [email protected] or telephone 01223 420033.

Banner image description: A lady and man sit in a rowing boat alongside a boarding pontoon. They lady wears an orange active style vest and laughs with her head back in the air and holds on to her oars. A gentleman behind is smiling and wears a cap and also holds a pair of oars.