Guide dogs - the government has set out its plans to protect customers with assistance dogs from being illegally refused entry to businesses.
We are hopeful that more will be done on the subject of guide dog refusal. People with guide dogs have a legal right to full access of a public venue and shouldn't be made to feel excluded.
The government aims are set out in the long-awaited, Disability Action Plan (DAP), which has 32 measures the government hopes will transform the lives of disabled people.
The proposals also include more accessible playgrounds, increased support for "aspiring disabled politicians", and a potential bid to host the 2031 Special Olympics.
Image Description:
A guide dog looks up at her owner, she is sat on her mat which is black and white. the owner is sat at the edge of a boat and in the background it is overcast with trees along the river bank. It is a crisp day and the lady is wearing a blue jacket and holding her guide dog on the lead.