Mental health support for patients with vision impairment and their significant others.

The diagnosis of vision impairment can have significant emotional and mental health impacts on patients and their significant others. This study attempts to explore these challenges and establish what types of support might be most helpful during adjustment to vision loss.

We are interviewing people who have received a diagnosis of vision impairment about their experiences of the diagnosis and their adjustment to vision loss. We will ask you for consent to invite a significant other to also take part separately, but you can still take part without inviting a significant other. We will also be asking for recommendations about the types of support which might be helpful at various stages of the experience.

Duration: 45-minute individual interviews by telephone, or online, depending on your preference.

If you are interested in taking part in the individual interview or have questions about this study, please email ARU.

Researchers:Prof Shahina Pardhan, Dr Debora Vasconcelos-e-Sa, Dr Jane Scott, Dr Julia Gillard, Ms Amy Oliver.

The study has received ethics approval by the School of Psychology and Sport Science Research Ethics Panel (SREP) and ratified by the Faculty Research Ethics Panel under the terms of Anglia Ruskin University’s Research Ethics Policy and the Code of Practice for Applying for Ethical Approval at Anglia Ruskin University. Visit the Anglia Ruskin website