The ‘Friends of Cam Sight’ Committee organise and run a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. Last year the Friends raised an amazing £14,343!

The Committee is looking for new members to assist in fundraising activities, bring fresh new ideas, and help with administration. Comprised of volunteers and Nick Burr, Cam Sight Fundraising and Promotions Officer, the Committee meet at Cam Sight in Cambridge four times a year to plan and prepare events.

The events are very creative and varied. Many of the events have had a link to low vision and blindness, for example: 'Driving Blind', where drivers worked their way around a course wearing a blindfold; ‘Dining in the Dark’ where diners were challenged to work out the ingredients of the specially-created meals while wearing blindfolds; and ‘Call my Bluff’, a blind wine tasting evening. Classical music concerts, astronomy lectures, book readings and a golf day have also all proved popular and were well attended. All the funds raised go towards Cam Sight’s services.

If you would like to be involved in this important and fun part of Cam Sight, please contact Charlie Hattersley, the Committee Chair, via [email protected].