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I’m Marion, totally blind and a Cam Sight Service user. I’ve always been very nervous of information technology hence that’s why I was a little acorn. Now I’m slowly climbing up that big Oak tree with little baby steps.

Helping me and giving me support is Jerry Gilbert Cam Sight’s Technology Lead. Jerry is my ‘shining star’, himself blind and so knowledgeable and professional of the technology advances. During lockdown I have gradually overcome my nervousness of technology. Now I’m confident using Zoom and have found by doing this podcast I can access keep fit, a yoga class as well as Pilates through British Blind Sport who are offering Keep fit classes. I’m even contemplating learning Tactile Braille, doing a Zoom class through the Braille Foundation.

My next goal is to look at my Apple phone, which is very much out of date and who better to help me than Jerry who will guide me through purchasing and getting the right phone for me. So, Jerry if you’re listening, I would like to say thank you for helping me up the big Oak tree, I’m not very far up but I’m gradually getting there.

Photo: Marion Mansfield sitting at home using voiceover on her iPhone


If you would like to contact Jerry, Cam Sight's Technology Lead, he’d be who will be happy to talk to you about IT equipment via 01223 420033 or email Jerry Gilbert