Participants wanted for research study

PhD research student Nurbanu Somani is looking for adult volunteers, who have lost part or all of their sight later in life, who listen to music online, to take part in a music and wellbeing PhD research study. This study involves listening to music every day for a minimum of 20 minutes for four weeks.

Listening to music is a popular way to cope with difficult times. It can sometimes express how we are feeling or vent difficult thoughts and emotions for us. You may be able to relate to the music and find comfort from the words in a song. Research suggests that music can stimulate the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. It can help energise our mood and provide an outlet for us to take control of our feelings.

This study will investigate and monitor how music listening affects you personally and if we can determine a future larger scale study with more participants.

For more information visit or email Nurbanu Somani to learn more about this study.

Nurbanu Somani Postgraduate Researcher (PhD Student)
Vision and Hearing Sciences
Coslett 403, Coslett Building
Anglia Ruskin University