Our activities team is looking for feedback and would like to know if you would like to see VI Tandem Cycling back on our activity schedule? 

We have asked online via our Facebook and Instagram pages using an online Poll, but we would also welcome any feedback via [email protected] or calling 01223 420033

This is so we can gauge if there would be any take up if we were to bring this activity back . 

Tandem cycling allows you the opportunity to get back on the seat, where the opportunity of riding a bike may not feel possible, due to the challenges of your sight loss condition. With the support of one of our trusted volunteer pilots you could get back cycling again and take part in this VI activity with our team right behind you.

It has been well received in the past, but we would like to know how many people would be interested if we were to reintroduce it to the programme of activities. 

Please feedback via our social media polls or emailing [email protected] 

Image Description: 

Two men sit on a tandem bike (a bike with two seats joined together) they are cycling and have purple T Shirts on and hard bicycle helmets. The sky is blue and sun is shining. The man on the back of the bike is VI and is wearing his tinted shades. It is a happy positive picture of a fun activity and they smile as the ride along.