Whether you wish to use a computer, smart phone or tablet, or become more efficient at work, school, or university – there is a piece of technology that can help.

Our Technology Trainer can help you to explore and choose the devices that works best for you. Our Trainer can demonstrate and show you how to use Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and voice-assistance technologies like the Amazon Echo and Google Home Hub. 

We can provide help with: 

  • Reading - audio books and screen readers 
  • Navigation and travel - GPS, Sound Scape, Blind Square
  • Shopping - online ordering, apps and deliveries
  • Listening - music, radio, TV audio description, smart speakers
  • Communication - social media, Skype, email, texting
  • Researching - internet search engines

We provide one to one, in person, or over the phone training, advice, and support.

For more information email us or phone 01223 420033.